Evaluación de Competencias 360° Manuel Gómez
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360 Degree Feedback is a very important management tool. It is a tool that provides information from multiple sources, such as your supervisor, peers, employees, and others.


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Evaluating: Pedro López by: Mismo Nivel/Peer

360 Survey for Business Managers
1. He / she is always thinking on continuous improvements, understands different situations that require different skills or unique approaches to solve it.
2. Understand the need to change and is willing to change his/her paradigms, promotes change.
3. Implement his /her beliefs and strategies. Works to develop his / her skills analyze his /her weakness and limitations and works to overcome them.
4. Knows how to Identify and recognize talented people.
5. Hires the best available people inside and outside your company.
6. He /She is not afraid to hire strong, diverse and talented people.
7. Knows how to lead and support his / her team to meet and exceed targeted objectives.
8. Train his / her people assigning enough time for new employees or existent ones, establish adequate on-boarding plan.
9. Knows how to delegate effectively and share authority and responsibilities.
10. Empower his / her subordinates and leads them towards continuous improvement and establish effective training programs, monitoring and evaluating continuously.
11. Briefly describe the strengths most important in this person as a leader or your own perception. If these evaluating to you write your own perception
12. Describe the areas of improvement or weak areas for this person or your own perception If these evaluating to you write your own perception


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